When we were young, our parents used to tell us, “Sleep tight, and do not allow bed bugs to bite you!”

For many people, bed bugs are only a myth that’s kept alive by these goodnight wishes. However, bed bugs have made a significant resurgence in Brisbane and the rest of the country after being practically eliminated in the 1940s.They have become a constant irritant for many homes and businesses, especially hotel establishments and many people are now searching for pest control in Brisbane to eliminate bed bugs.

Signs that you are feeding bed bugs

Bed bugs are a great nuisance since they love sucking blood from their host at night while asleep. They’ll bite your arms, shoulders and neck and suck blood from you. It may be painless at that time, but the bitten area usually becomes itchy and swollen. If you find blood spots on your bed sheets, it is almost a sure sign that your household or establishment is bed bug infested.

You can help

Whenever possible, we request our clients to hot wash clothing and beddings. Hard floor areas, soft furniture, rugs and carpets need to be vacuumed thoroughly. Double bag contents of the vacuum cleaner and immediately dispose of them in the rubbish bin.

Expert pest control in Brisbane

We are the best specialist pest control in Brisbane and we will get rid of all pests that are a nuisance including bed bugs and bird lice. Our team starts the treatment process by undertaking a thoroughgoing powerhead vacuum on carpet and mattresses. After this is completed, we treat all crevices, cracks and skirting boards using non-toxic spray.