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We are a privately owned and operated business. We provide solutions to all your general pest problems, domestic, industrial, or commercial. Covering Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast

About Pest Control Brisbane Services

Thirsty Pest Control takes the time to ensure every job is evaluated properly. This enables us to provide you, the client, with a pest control service designed specifically for your property. The success of every treatment is of paramount importance to us, as our business relies on total customer satisfaction.

Why Use Thirsty Pest Control Services in Brisbane?

  • If Thirsty Pest Control arrive More Than 15 Minutes Late and have not called you advising so 30 mins before our appointment.
  • Polite and Friendly, Service.
  • We provide GREAT pest control at a FAIR PRICE ……
    (A cheap price = a cheap job. A High price = Ripped off).
  • Thirsty Pest Control offer up to a 12 month free service period – If the bugs come back, so do I, & I re-treat the problem area Free of Charge.
  • You Will Actually Feel Good Knowing that You Have Received the Level of Service YOU DESERVE.

General Pest Work method

Cockroach, silverfish


  • Dusting and or gel baits of cupboards, drawers, pantry, wardrobes, wet areas and bedrooms
  • Dusting of ceiling void
  • Treatment of skirting board cracks and crevices throughout house


  • Band spray of house external walls over weep holes and around window and door frames



  • Dusting of ceiling void, baiting may be required, depending activity and type of ants


  • Dusting of weep holes and spray approx 1 mtr from walls of building around entire area of the house, continuing spray when ant trails found to nest or end of property boundary.



  • Dusting of ceiling void


  • Dusting of weep holes, Spray entire outside walls of building


Survey of house area, inside and out, ceiling void Baits in either lockable or cardboard box. Mice can take up to 6 hours and Rats 12 to 18 hours to die once they have eaten baits. Follow up in approx 7 days to check on activity and or replenish baits.


Cockroaches, silverfish: 1 hour, Plus if added Ants extra 15 min, plus spiders extra 15 min
Ants: 1 hour
Spiders: 45 min
Rodents: 45 mins Plus follow up

Times approx depending on size of house amount of furniture, debris. Units also differ, being smaller.